Patched sunrpc, nfs-server packages

Robb, Sam
Sat Jan 11 21:50:00 GMT 2003


  First, thanks for the testing and the feedback.

  Second, my apologies - I left in a "#ifdef 0" in the filehandle
code for the nfs server that caused some problems. That's been
corrected in this version.  Even with this fix, there are problems
with 'cygdrive' exports (ex, '/cygdrive/c/foo') that I'm still
trying to resolve.

  New packages are available at <>.



	* rpcsvc: synced xdr files with those present in glibc-2.2.5
	* Changed makefile to build with -O2 instead of -O
	* rpcgen: added support for "hyper"
	* Finally found cannonical version of sunrpc-4.0; this release is
	  based on


	* Set up to strip executables on install
	* Removed "#ifdef 0" that was causing bad pseudo-inode generation

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