new version of cygwin-doc available for upload

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Wed Jan 15 04:05:00 GMT 2003

No setup.hint changes.

This updates to the latest stuff from CVS and fixes the packaging
error. Just this didn't really take me 2 weeks. :) I had hard drive
problems and then also did something I'd been meaning to do to make
it easier for myself (when I, say, had to reinstall Windows) or others
to build the cygwin docs. From /usr/doc/Cygwin/cygwin-doc-1.3-1.README:
The packages required to build the Cygwin user's guide are unfortunately
not yet part of the Cygwin distribution. For a time, there were testing
packages available for DocBook on Cygwin, but they are no longer available.
For a limited time only, they can be downloaded by adding as a mirror:

and selecting "cygwin-doc-build" from the "Doc" category.
This will pull in all required packages. (Warning: this includes
some large packages, including binutils, gcc, perl, and tetex).

Then, run /usr/bin/cygwin-doc-build and follow the instructions.


This script is really meant to be run from a totally clean system
but should work correctly if you already have a CVS tree. Naturally
running the script is totally optional but installing the 
cygwin-doc-build "package" will still pull in all the necessary stuff
to build src/winsup/doc/*

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