Setup.exe: misbehaviour with non-standard DPI (aka no scroll bar)

Max Bowsher
Thu Jan 16 13:17:00 GMT 2003

Marcel Telka wrote:
>>> Hm. Tested with 144 dpi: no problem.
>>> Notes: My XP installation is fresh (only two days old) with all
>>> relevant updates (from windowsupdate) installed. Installation was
>>> made from CD marked: "Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Disc 1" (MSDN
>>> Disc 1847). No, my PC is not
>>> a Tablet PC :-). This installation CD comes with the SP1 built in
>>> and
>>> it looks like a standard XP (and it is a XP Professional Edition
>>> :-).
>> How odd. On my PC, the package chooser and the view name (where is
>> says Category/Full/Partial) are clipped off at the right hand side
>> of the window.
>> I'm running Windows XP, with slipstreamed SP1, and all
>> WindowsUpdates. Maybe they fixed something in the Tablet PC edition.
> Strange. Is here someone else who is able to reproduce this buggy
> behaviour?

There has been a trickle of bug reports for as long as I remember, but I
don't know if any of those people are on this list.

Comparison point: Mozilla 1.2.1's configuration dialogs exhibit this too.


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