Setup.exe: misbehaviour with non-standard DPI (aka no scroll bar)

Hugh Greene
Fri Jan 17 09:01:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday 2003-01-16, wrote:
> Hugh Greene wrote:
> > FWIW, I reported the problem recently, on Win2K SP2 with my display at
> > 144dpi.  (I've now switched to 120dpi as I'm fed up with this problem
> > appearing on various applications -- not just Cygwin's fault!)
> The interesting thing is that setup's UI is entirely defined in terms of
> dialog template (which is why it is not resizable). Now, MS say "Most dialog
> boxes are laid out using dialog units, which scale with the system DPI.
> However, custom layout logic usually needs to be revisited." Except setup
> doesn't *have* any custom layout logic - just dialog units. Hence I suspect
> its MS's bug.

You may well be right; another thought, though: the dialog itself may not have
any custom layout but could the main widget/control, with the hierarchical
multi-column list, be calculating *its* size incorrectly, and "pushing" the
scrollbar out of the way, or something like that?

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