SUN RPC package

Pavel Tsekov
Sat Jan 18 12:30:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Robb, Sam wrote:

> > Wait! :) I had a look today on the source package and it seems it
> > needs some fixes. The unpacked directory shouldnt be called
> > sunrpc-4.0-cygwin.
> I've fixed this in both the sunrpc and nfs-server source packages -
> the source archives should now unpack with a root dir of 'sunrpc-4.0'
> and 'nfs-server-2.2.47', respectively.

Ok, here are my comments:

1) As Earnie Boyd has pointed the directory name should be in the form 
packagename-version-cygwinrelease i.e. sunrpc-4.0-1. For more information
take a look here:

2) All the files in the source package seem to have dos style line 
endings. I don't know if this is a real problem or not but note 
that if the original package as it comes from Sun has unix style line 
endings then the patch should be made so that it will replace dos line 
endings with unix ones. Are you  using text mounts on your system ?

Also note that it is considered to be a good practice to keep the 
setup.hint file with unix style line endings.

3) The patch - it should be extracted in /usr/src/ note in 
/usr/src/sunrpc-4.0-1/CYGWIN-PATCHES . Although you can do it this way, 
this method is considered depricated.

It is not named properly - should follow the same rules ad the source 
directory name.

It is not created properly - should be created like this:

  diff -Nrup vendor-src-dir patched-src-dir > foo-vendor-release.patch

and it was created like this:

  diff -Nrup patched-src-dir vendor-src-dir > foo-vendor-release.patch

The binary package looks OK. It includes text files with dos style line 
endigs but when you fix the source package and regenerate the binary one
it should be fixed.

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