nfs-server - status & request for information

Robb, Sam
Tue Jan 21 05:00:00 GMT 2003

> >     A workaround is to create a regular directory, mount the Windows
> >     drive at that directory, and then export the directory.  For
> >     example:
> > 
> >       $ mkdir -p /exports/c
> >       $ mount -f -s -b c:/ /exports/c
> >       $ echo "/exports/c (ro,all_squash)" >> /etc/exports
> Will it work if you simply do "mkdir /cygdrive"?


It appears that "/cygdrive" (or, I would suppose, whatever the
mount prefix is) is "special". stat() reports it as a directory
with a uid of 0, a gid of 0, a size of 0, and a device ID of 6400.

"/proc" is similar, but the device id is 6656.

> If not, shouldn't it?

<shrug> I honestly don't know.

I suspect that the problem here is that we're toggling device IDs
as we move along the path...

  - If you stat '/', you get st_dev == 'A'.
  - If you stat '/cygdrive', you get st_dev == 'B'.
  - If you stat '/cygdrive/c', you get st_dev == 'A' again.

  OTOH, if you 'mkdir -p /exports/c' then mount c:/ under
/exports/c, then you end up with st_dev == 'A' for every
directory along the path from / to /exports/c.


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