proposal: ioperm support for Cygwin

Marcel Telka
Wed Jan 22 18:10:00 GMT 2003


I've created ioperm packages from upcoming 0.3 release of the ioperm
support for Cygwin.

Note: ioperm-0.3 is not yet officialy released. These packages are only
pre-release, but no significant changes are expected in the release.

The files are available from:

Here is setup.hint file:
# $Id: setup.hint,v 1.2 2003/01/22 17:48:06 telka Exp $

sdesc: "ioperm support for Cygwin"
ldesc: "This package adds support for ioperm()/iopl() functions to Cygwin.
This support includes sys/io.h and sys/perm.h header files together
with development and runtime libraries."
category: Base Devel Libs System
requires: cygwin libpopt0
test: 0.3-1

Thank you for your comments.

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