new libxml2 / libxslt packages?

Nicholas Wourms
Fri Jan 24 13:14:00 GMT 2003 wrote:
> I was wondering whether there were plans to release new versions of
> libxml2 and libxslt.  The versions that are part of Cygnus now are all
> rather old (by almost a year in the case of libxslt).
> The current versions are:
>  libxml2-2.4.23  Jul 22 2002
>  libxslt-1.0.13  Mar 17 2002
> The latest versions are:
>  libxml2-2.5.1   Jan 08 2003
>  libxslt-1.0.24  Jan 14 2003

I'm sure Robert's aware of this, but he's got enough to do 
without having to update these.  They work quite fine at 
their current version, so I'll let him decide when it is 
appopriate to update.

Another issue is that the python binding requires some 
reworking in 2.5.1, because it currently contains some 
relocation issues which prevent it from properly linking. 
This could also be fixed with a newer ld, which supports 
pseudo relocations.

> One other request to the packager would be to enable Python binding
> support in libxslt (it's currently enabled in libxml2, but not
> libxslt).

The same issue exists here, problems with arrays and such 
cause relocation problems at link time.

On a side note, I think it might be worth noting that 
turning pthreads "on" works quite well.  It passes the test 
suite and I've noticed no side-effects other then a possible 
performance increase.  If and when you do get around to 
updating the packages robert, perhaps you might considier 
turning them on.


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