[patch] auto-import-dll libtool related patch

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker@freenet.de
Wed Jan 29 07:11:00 GMT 2003

> Approved and applied.

Thanks for your effort. Additional I'm extensing the test case for this, which
will be be ready in the near future.

> Note - please take care with the formatting of your code.  I had to
> fix it up whilst applying the patch.
To which standard do you refer ? I've tried using indent, which seems to me as
the prefered tool, but this ends up in many indention errors.

$ for i in `echo pe-dll.c deffilep.h deffilep.y`; do echo -n $i; indent $i -o
$i.indent;   diff -ubB $i $i.indent | grep "@@" | wc -l ; rm $i.indent; done
pe-dll.c       45
deffilep.h      3
deffilep.y     12

There should only be 1 patch for each file (my patches) and the only way is to
follow your advise is to indent by hand, which isn't very effectiv (especially
when someone isn't VERY familiar with this detailed indention stuff).

My question: Why wasn't indent used as tool for indention ?


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