exim permission problems with cygwin 1.3.19-1

Wolfgang Schnerring wosc@wosc.de
Wed Jan 29 10:43:00 GMT 2003


I'm happily using exim-4.10-2 on a Windows 2000 box, but after 
updating Cygwin to 1.3.19-1, sending queued messages fails 
with an error message:

$ exim -qf
2003-01-26 15:16:06 H9BRLW-0000ZC-00 Couldn't chown message log
/var/spool/exim/msglog//H9BRLW-0000ZC-00: Permission denied

just for reference, the directory looks something like this:

$ ls -la /var/spool/exim/msglog/
total 0
drwxrwxrwx+   2 wosc     Kein            0 Jan 29 10:06 .
drwxrwxrwx+   5 SYSTEM   Administ        0 Jan 28 09:04 ..
drwxrwxrwx+   5 SYSTEM   Administ       81 Jan 28 09:10 H9BRLW-0000ZC-00

The message will be sent, but only after I manually delete 
the offending log-file.

I've downgraded to Cygwin 1.3.18, so no real problem here,
but it still puzzles me.

Any ideas?
Thanks for your help,
Wolfgang Schnerring

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