exim permission problems with cygwin 1.3.19-1

Wolfgang Schnerring wosc@wosc.de
Wed Jan 29 18:43:00 GMT 2003

Hello & thanks for the quick reply!

* Pierre A. Humblet <Pierre.Humblet@ieee.org> [2003-01-29 10:01]:
> I assume you are a privileged user. You need to be to run the queue
> manually. Also, does the daemon have problems running the queue?

Yes, I am logged in with "Administrator"-privileges.
The daemon seems to run the queue happily, there are no complaints in
the log files and the emails are all sent correctly, as far as I can
tell. (And nobody has complained yet that they didn't recieve email
from me.)

> Isn't it strange that the file H9BRLW-0000ZC-00 is listed as a directory
> but has a non-zero size? Is that with 1.3.18 or 1.3.19 ?
> Or is it a cut & paste issue?

Yep, that's a cut&paste-job. The problem has ceased (at least for my
eyes) since downgrading, but the ownership and chmod-state of those
files has always been the same, so I made the directory listing up -
obviously rather badly. :-]

> > The message will be sent, but only after I manually delete
> > the offending log-file.
> Could you check if you have the RestoreFile privilege?

Let's say I ought to, because I'm member of group "administrators",
and the RestoreFile-privilege is granted to "backup-operators"(*) and
I will experiment with the setting of this privilege, maybe I stumble
upon something.

(*) I'm German and have a German Windows-Version, thus I don't know
the correct English term

Thanks for your help,

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