RPM port ready

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Thu May 1 01:21:00 GMT 2003

Dario Alcocer wrote:

> I have put together the RPM packages together.  They're available for
> review at:
>   http://www.helixdigital.com/~alcocer/rpm/
> If someone can review these packages, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks in
> advance.

A few notes:

1) /bin/rpm.exe  should be in /usr/bin/rpm.exe.  The location in /bin is 
probably a vestige of rpm's primacy in Red Hat Linux.  I know that 
/usr/bin == /bin on MOST cygwin systems, but...

2) /etc/mtab should not be in the archive.  Instead, the postinstall 
script should check to see if it is present, and 'touch /etc/mtab' if it 
is not.  (Directories are okay; /var/tmp/ and /var/lib/rpm/ can remain 
in the archive, exactly as they are)

3) Does the rpm package (and rpm-build, for that matter) --require-- 
perl?  usr/lib/rpm/Specfile.pm

4) I'm not *sure* about the ( /usr/src/cygwin/RPMS/ 
/usr/src/cygwin/SOURCES/ etc ) structure.  (I'm afraid of conflicting 
with existing user's "develop cygwin kernel" directory.  Mine's in 
/usr/src/kernel/ but I dunno about others).  Maybe borrow a page from 
the French Red Hat derivative and use ( /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/ 
/usr/src/RPM/SOURCES/ etc) ?  I don't feel strongly about this.

5) pedantic: rpm(-build?) probably requires: 'ash' if not 'bash'.  And 

6) Is there any particular reason you "mostly" followed method 2 in 
packaging the sources -- except not using the method 2 script?  See 


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