AT&T KornShell93 officially available for Cygwin

Karsten Fleischer
Fri May 2 17:00:00 GMT 2003


the guys at AT&T Research Labs have finished the Cygwin port of their
AST libraries and tools collection.

As promised a long time ago, I will maintain the Cygwin port of ksh93
and probably the complete ast-open package later.

The Cygwin setup compatible ksh93 source and binary packages as well as
a setup.hint file are available at:

You can find a copy of the setup.hint file at the end of this message.
It has been automatically generated by the AT&T "package" command.

The astksh package has been build on the latest Cygwin release from the
official ast-open 2003-04-22 sources available at

The internal ksh93 version number for this release is "M 1993-12-28 o".

This version of ksh93 is statically linked and it comes with 35 common
UNIX tools compiled as builtins:

basename, cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, cmp, comm, cp, cut, date, dirname,
expr, fmt, fold, getconf, head, id, join, ln, logname, mkdir, mkfifo,
mv, paste, pathchk, rev, rm, rmdir, stty, tail, tee, tty, uname, uniq,

These builtins are not enabled by default, so that they won't interfere
with the standard Cygwin/GNU tools.
The file /usr/doc/Cygwin/astksh-20030422-1.README explains how to enable
these builtins and how to get at the man pages for them.

Bug reports, comments, suggestions etc. should be sent to, see for details.
The AST developers, me and other ksh93 users will be there to help.
Of course, I will try to answer any questions that come up on the cygwin
and cygwin-apps lists.

Please verify the package for inclusion in the Cygwin distribution.



category: Shells
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "ksh and support libraries"
ldesc: "The AT&T Software Technology ast-ksh package from AT&T Labs
Research contains ksh and support libraries. This is the
minimal set of components needed to build ksh."

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