pcre packages

Ronald Landheer-Cieslak ronald@landheer.com
Wed May 14 08:56:00 GMT 2003

On Mon, 12 May 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> FYI, when trying to access the above links from Netscape, I get
>   <HTML><HEAD>
>   <TITLE>403 Forbidden</TITLE>
>   <meta http-equiv="refresh"
>   content="0;url=http://www.chez.tiscali.fr/erreur403.php3">
>   </HEAD><BODY>
>   <H1>Forbidden</H1>
>   You don't have permission to access the requested URL on this
>   server.<P>
>   <HR>
>   </BODY></HTML>
> Strangely, wget works fine.
> 	Igor
In that case, please use wget ;)

My ISP must be messing up something, but as I don't own the server and 
can't do anything about file permissions or other configurations on it, I 
kinda have to live with it.

FWIW, I usually use lynx for browsing and wget for downloading files (and 
Mozilla, on accasion, if I actually want the graphics) and haven't had 
this problem yet, but I *think* there might be some policy that disallows 
access to files if there's no HTML that leads to it. There's no 
requirement for the user to accept this policy that I know of, though (but 

Anyway, thanks for letting me know :)


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