astksh review

Karsten Fleischer
Wed May 14 11:02:00 GMT 2003

> > Wow, I had similar experience when building libsfio the first time.
> > This should really be included in a /usr/docs/Cygwin/ast-ksh.README
> > file for interested individuals.
> I agree.  

I'll see what docs are available at AT&T.
Maybe Glenn Fowler can put together a comprehensive overview.
But is /usr/doc/Cygwin/astksh-20030422-1.README the right place for such
Shouldn't information about the build process go into the source package
There is already some info in the CYGWIN-PATCHES/README file of the
source archive, but probably not enough.

> Another point is that ksh is obviously clashing with pdksh.
> pdksh is creating a ksh symlink which is overwritten by the 
> ATT ksh now.
> Is that what we want?  Shouldn't `ksh' stay a symlink which points to
> the executable one actually wants to use?
> Just asking...

That will require a change to the ksh Nmakefile, e.g.

if CC.HOSTTYPE == "cygwin.*"
	SH = ksh93
	ksh :LINK: $(SH)
	SH = ksh

I'll talk to Glenn about that.


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