astksh review (was Re: Pending package status (09 May 2003))

Joe Buehler
Wed May 14 19:45:00 GMT 2003

Karsten Fleischer wrote:

> Glenn said that you made cygwin fixes that enable _lib_vfork in
> $INSTALLROOT/include/ast/ast_lib.h.
> I have only _real_vfork enabled.
> Have these fixes not yet made their way into cygwin?

The only thing I am aware of is that a fix was needed to inherit signal
handler settings during vfork().  I believe that Christopher put the
changes into CVS, but I don't know if a cygwin1.dll has been released
with that change.

> However, I have both _lib_spawnveg and _use_spawnveg, so SHOPT_SPAWN is
> used for sh/xec.c even if it has not been explicitely defined before.
> So, yes, I'm building ksh with spawn support and it works fine.

Joe Buehler

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