astksh review

Karsten Fleischer
Mon May 19 16:24:00 GMT 2003

> Sorry I missed this (my backlog is HUGE! :-)
> I created the ksh symlink so users wouldn't have to edit 
> their shebang 
> lines to point to `/bin/pdksh' but now we have the proper ksh 
> (available) 
> I suppose I could get rid of it. What's the feeling?
> We could do one of
>   1. Remove the ksh symlink from the pdksh package.
>   2. Rename ksh.exe (in astksh) to astksh.exe and have a ksh 
> symlink to
>      astksh.exe

The proper name would be ksh93.exe.

>   3. Maybe only two options. :-)
> these?

I don't want to manually intervene the astksh package generation
process. It's all done by the package command and nmake.
The ast-ksh.pkg nmakefile defines the rules for astksh packaging.
There's a :INSTALL: operator that can be used to rename ksh for cygwin
packages, so the :INSTALL: line should read:

	bin/ksh93 :INSTALL: bin/ksh

There's currently no :LINK: operator. I'll define one so that symlinks
in cygwin packages can be automically generated.
I already wrote a :POSTINSTALL: operator that can be used to define the
contents of a postinstall script.
I could check for existance of a ksh symlink in the postinstall script
and create it if it's missing.


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