astksh review

Karsten Fleischer
Tue May 20 00:39:00 GMT 2003

> <vague_recollections>
> Isn't astksh a rather *large* package?

You mean the binary?
I can remove those nifty 35 UNIX utility builtins, if you want.
It gets pretty small then.

> A lighter-weight alternative can be a good thing.
> </vague_recollections>

It's your choice.
Remove the SHOPT_CMDLIB_DIR=1 from the Makefile in the source package,
rebuild it and you get a pure ksh93.

There are some issues that have to be cleared up before I can release a
dynamically linked ksh93 or even the full ast-open package (e.g.: will
Cygwin adhere to FHS sometime in the future?).

For now, I will only offer a statically linked ksh93 with as much
features you may want to have without interfering the standard Cygwin

I have to obey both AT&T and Cygwin rules.
I must not change ksh93 makefiles and have to stick to Cygwin packaging

I also do not want to package up things manually, there are mechanisms
that help building the Cygwin packages automatically.
I will rather spend time to refine those mechanisms for future payoff
than to twiddle the packages manually.

Give me some more days.


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