docbook-xml42, docbook-xsl, xmlto (RE: Pending package status (09 May 2003))

Thu May 22 15:15:00 GMT 2003


thanks for the update!

> Meanwhile, what are the requirements in the Cygwin
> environment, apart from 'doing a bit of DocBook now and
> then'?

Inspired by Sean Wheller's posting 'Best Pracices' at docbook-apps [1] I am
trying to setup such a authoring monster. So I am doing a bit of postgresql,
python, cvs,... (now and then ;-) to find out how they fit together.
Since all other components running nicely under cygwin on my box I came to
the point where the Cygwinners´ response is very rare. XML is just weakly
supported and the development seems to be stalled. Now, I decided to go the
hard and long way... because it is open source :)
But I am afraid to walk alone, so I try to find brighter minds with better

So, my requirements are pretty much the same:
- shall be easy to add new releases that never break existent
- shall also play with native Windows applications

I like the idea of the easily maintainable scheme for the entity resolution.

What do you mean by 'virtual' packages?
Are these 'containers' which bundle 'real' cygwin packages because one
package = one resource? As an example:
virtual package     bundled cygwin packages
avail-docbook-xsl   docbook-xsl-1.61, docbook-xsl-xxx (all available xsl



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