the output format for sed and awk

Elfyn McBratney
Fri May 23 07:33:00 GMT 2003

>I would like to use sed and awk to deal some text with
>dos text format(CRLF), but I found the output of sed and
>awk format is in unix textfile format. Can I let the sed and awk to output 
>dos text file format? I found while install cygwin, there is an option for 
>"default text file format", the option is "dos" and "unix".
>I forget what I set while I installed my cygwin. Can I adjust the setting 
>and will it resolve my problem?

This is the wrong mailing list for questions like these. is for Cygwin packaging banter and setup.exe 
discussions. Please read <> for the rules and 
regs &c.

FYI, The correct list for this is I've forwarded this 
there. Please remove from any follow-up replies.


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