cygwin.exe installer - creation of cygwin.bat does not escape percent signs (%) in path
Wed May 28 18:48:00 GMT 2003

I ran into a problem with the cygwin.bat script when I downloaded files
from an FTP mirror and installed them locally:

Please note that the hex escapes in the path were automatically generated,
based on my FTP mirror selection.

I set the ftp directory as the install location, which worked fine until I
clicked on the shortcut to run cygwin for the first time. A DOS command
window briefly appeared and then vanished, without giving me time to copy
and paste the text.
I managed to do a printscreen on the second attempt, which reported the

      The system cannot find the path specified.

Once I started editing cygwin.bat, I found the problem: the percent signs
in the path name were not escaped, so DOS read then as variables.  I
manually replaced each '%' with '%%' in cygwin.bat, and it solved the
problem for me.

I am a casual user of cygwin, and unacquainted with how the cygwin.bat file
is generated. I assume that the '%' could be automatically escaped.  If
this approach is not desirable,  I did notice that cygwin.exe gives a
warning message if the directory name contains spaces. Perhaps percent
signs (%) could be added to this check? I do not yet know if having '%' in
my install path will cause additional headaches with DOS, but the initial
problem was enough of a nuisance for me to contact you.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for those of us stuck in a
Windows desktop environment!

Eric Swanson

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