base-files (/etc/profile.d) issue

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Sep 2 01:39:00 GMT 2003


A '/bin/find: /etc/profile.d: No such file or directory.' error was just
reported in <> on the
main Cygwin list.  This means that the directory didn't get created, and
/etc/profile doesn't check for its existence before running find (the
previous syntax, 'for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh', didn't have this

There are two solutions for this: a quick one is to include /etc/profile.d
into the tarball of the base-files package (so it always exists), and the
right one is to add an 'if [ -d /etc/profile.d ]; then ... fi' check
around the find invocation (there's no reason you can't do both, BTW).
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