ncurses, call for assistance

Charles Wilson
Wed Sep 3 05:26:00 GMT 2003

I noticed that libncurses5-5.2-1 is currently distributed without 
source.  While that library is no longer current (far from it), it is 
possible that some users may still be using binaries that link against it.

Therefore, I'd like to keep it on the server for another few months at 
least.  However, one of the problems with 'external-source:' is that 
when the "parent" becomes obsolete, the maintainer (that's absent-minded 
me) must remember to

   1) change the DLL package's setup.hint to no longer say external-source
   2) move a copy of the parent's -src package into the DLL package's 
directory, suitably renamed.

Apparently, I did not do this.  So, I'm looking for


as originally distributed via the cygwin mirrors.  I can't find it in my 
own archives, and it's long since disappeared from the net.


Or I'll have to (prematurely?) remove that compatibility DLL.


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