FW: readshortcut app for cygutils

Jörg Schaible Joerg.Schaible@Elsag-Solutions.com
Thu Sep 4 06:44:00 GMT 2003

... grrr ... was meant to go to the list ...

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Subject: RE: readshortcut app for cygutils

Hi Chuck,

> > I don't think so. Look at the code of cygpath and you'll see that
> > these two functions are only one half of the functionality. 
> If Rob has
> > to provide -w someone will ask for absolute paths or short
> names, etc.
> > So better have a posixish tool and use cygpath for general
> conversion.
> So you're saying that the output should always be in unix format?  I
> would prefer that, too -- but the original example gave the output in 
> full windows non-backslashified program-space-files glory...

Uups. You're right. Yes, I vote strongly for unix path output.

> Please, somebody, please, find the nitwit back in 1989 who
> thought it'd 
> be a great idea to show off the nifty new space-allowed file name 
> convention in windows3.0 by requiring all programs to be 
> installed into 
> a "Program Files" directory...
> I can't think of a more deserving guy for the "sign him up on every
> porn-spam mailing list on the planet" treatment...



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