Notice: readshortcut for cygutils is ready

Rob S.i.k.l.o.s.
Thu Sep 4 16:16:00 GMT 2003

Hey, I finished the integration work neceesary to include 'readshortcut' in
the 'cygutils' package, as previously agreed on this list.

ChangeLog entry:

2003-09-04  Rob Siklos <>

        * src/readshortcut: new directory
        * src/readshortcut/readshortcut.c: new file
        * src/readshortcut/readshortcut.1: new file
        * add program 'readshortcut'
        * regenerate
        * AUTHORS: add Rob Siklos for readshortcut
        * PROGLIST: add readshortcut
        * README: add readshortcut

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