promote to curr: tetex, guile, lilypond

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Mon Sep 8 21:34:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor writes:

> I think I've set up everything correctly.  It looks like most of the
> packages just needed to have their curr/test entries removed to do
> the right thing.

Thanks very much.

> tetex/tetex-beta refers to a curr and prev, neither of which are available,
> and, in fact, results in an empty setup.ini setting.  Should this package
> just be removed?

> There is a tetex-beta-20020530-3 package available but
> it isn't clear if this is what should be used.

Yes, please do.  This package is a leftover from the split tetex-beta
and texmf times.  It is empty and served as an upgrade helper.

The equivalent texmf upgrade helpers (texmf, texmf-base, texmf-doc,
texmf-extra, texmf-tiny) can be remove too.


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