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Lapo Luchini
Mon Sep 8 22:09:00 GMT 2003

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Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

| I think that's what the "external-source:" directive in setup.hint is
|  for...

But  that wuoln't use the same exact sources as the other package?
(which are "enough" but with have no command to build them both, i.e.
the "configure" is set only to generate mod_php, in mod_php)
In that case I'd have to bother mod_php mantainer and/or send him a
patch, anyway.

|> Of course PHP can be both useful as a web scripting language and as
|> a shell scripting language and PEAR and "common parts" should be
|> installed only once, maybe with a separate package required by both
|> mod_php and cli_php.
| I'm guessing there's nothing wrong with cli_php requiring mod_php, at
|  least initially, as anyone who's likely to use php for shell
| scripting will probably have apache with mod_php installed anyway...

Yeah, I guess so.

| for i in `seq 0 9`; do echo $i; done

Mhhh... yummi "seq" command =)
Anyway that was just an example, I actually feel "more at ease" in a
language I already had to learn well 0=)

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