rootless cygwin emacs howto?

Igor Pechtchanski
Wed Sep 10 02:49:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Thomas L Roche wrote:

> I've been running NTEmacs for awhile, and Cygwin for awhile, but have
> only occasionally used X. I'd like to cut over to the cygwinized
> Emacs if I can keep a single desktop, i.e. run X rootless. Could
> someone point me to a howto illustrating setup and running of the
> cygwin Emacs on X, rootlessly? (If possible, please also CC: me.)
> Apologies if this is a FAQ, but I tried Googling
> cygwin emacs rootless
> (i.e. not the phrase) and saw only claims that it can be done.


There was no need to cross-post to cygwin-apps -- your question belongs on
the cygwin-xfree list, which possesses the necessary expertise to answer
your question.  Please remove cygwin-apps from future discussion on this
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