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Lapo Luchini lapo@lapo.it
Wed Sep 10 09:55:00 GMT 2003

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Charles Wilson wrote:

| 1.  I'd prefer if the sdesc were a little more specific: it's a GPL
| library (e.g. free as in speech), not BSD or LGPL (free as in beer).
I'll think of something.. what about "GMP is a LGPL'ed library for
arbitrary precision arithmetic"?

| 2. As far as the source packaging goes, it looks fine to me (built
| okay).  You probably want to fix this:
| configure: WARNING: If you wanted to set the --build type, don't use
| --host. If a cross compiler is detected then cross compile mode will
| be used.

I already pointed out that as a "bug" of the generic install script..
nobody replyed <grin> 0=)

| 3. I guess from cgf, this is okay: -march=i486 -mcpu=i686 which
| translates to 'use 486 instruction set, but tune for optimum
| performance on 686'

Yes, that was the intended effect.

| 4. It looks like the binary is compiled for cygwin-1.5.3+ -- or at
| least, the README implies that.

It is indeed.

| 5. Didn't ssh at one time or other require gmp?  Could cygwin's ssh
| distro benefit from this package -- or was that the non-free ssh?

This is for Corinna to say I guess =)

| 6. Are you sure about the requires?  I got a dependency on
| cygreadline5.dll -- for the demo programs which you don't
| ship...Might it be a good idea to ship some of those?  (course, you
| have to install by hand -- and note rename of calc.exe)

Mhh.. well if I divide the package as you suggest later (and I could
definitely do it, I only have to study a little better the way it can be
automatized in a build script ^^) I guess a "-examples" package could
contain them.

| 7. Also, the README doesn't mention the following build-requires:
| bison flex m4 (gcc, binutils, of course)


BTW: is there any "not error-prone" procedure to find which build
packages are actually needed?
Other that uninstalling all and install them one but one, as required...

| 8.  Any thoughts on --enable-cxx ?  --enable-mpfr ?

Oops again, of course it is useful.

- --enable-cxx
- --enable-fft (just to be sure)
- --enable-mpbsd (I guess it doesn't do harm, and may be useful)
- --enable-mpfr
- --enable-shared
- --disable-static

| 9.  GMP uses very old-school libtool-1.4.  I know it *works* -- but
| have you considered following the instructions in doc/configuration
| to update to the newer autotools ?

I noticed that it worked and produced a good DLL, so I didn't think it
was needed to upgrade them.
But I guess that a little upgrade can't do any bad (and could, of
course, do some good).

| 10. Finally, you might think about splitting this into multiple
| packages -- it's better to do so at first, than go thru the "split
| hell" later. Unless you're pretty sure there will never be a
| cyggmp-4.dll.
| I'd suggest: libgmp3        - contains cyggmp-3.dll libgmp-devel   -
| contains import, libtool lib, includes perhaps named gmp-devel,
| instead gmp            - everything else: docs, info, demo progs, etc
I'll take a look at it.

| 11. (I lied) /usr/info/dir is in the package.  It shouldn't be.  See
| next message.


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