Posting from an unsubscribed address

Andrew B. Clegg
Wed Sep 10 16:34:00 GMT 2003

Sam Steingold brought this up recently on cygwin@ and I've been wondering
it too.

Is there a way of posting to this list from an address other than the one
you're subscribed with? the global-allow function just seems to bypass the
spamblockers, not the subscribers-only rule.

My reason's different from Sam's -- I've become very reluctant to use my
*permanent* email address anywhere that goes on the web, so I've started
using temporary throwaway ones (see sig) that I don't mind spammers
getting. This means I have to unsubscribe an old address and resubscribe a
new one each month.

On mailman-based lists I can just subscribe the new address and disable
delivery for it, allowing me to post from it, while my 'real' address gets
sent all the new mail from the list. Is there an equivalent function in
ezmlm that could be implemented here?

Hope this doesn't sound like I'm being too lazy -- and it does after all
reduce the amount of requests the mailing list server has to deal with.


	-= email address changed monthly as anti-spam precaution =-
 use :currentmonth: :currentyear: at nervechannel dot nildram dot co dot uk
	     or 'operon' at same address for permanent records

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