new package proposal : CLISP

Charles Wilson
Sat Sep 13 19:12:00 GMT 2003

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> Now, I propose that if the package builds OOTB with the settings from
>, you can skip the README, but it is still 
> recommended to have a README. Also it would be nice to note in the README
> what packages you need for compiling (gcc, make, perl, gettext, etc.)
> to avoid downloading the source only to have to go back and download 
> libintl27-devel or something.

I think the setup.hint format allows build-requires, but I'm not sure if 
setup.exe supports them -- or if it should.  What if I want to simply 
download a source package to look at it, but not build it?  Should setu 
prevent me from downloading foo-src unless I also select bar-devel and 
baz-devel, the build-requires packages for foo-src?

> My list of no-README packages:

is completely wrong.

> _update-info-dir

Not a real package.  It's a fake pseudo package with an 
auto-incrementing version number, to assist all the OTHER packages that 
install info files.

Now, the rest of the packages that I have copied into this message from 
your "list" are mine (that is, I've ignored those packages in your 
"list" that are not mine).   All of my packages that appear in your 
"list" either (A) DO have READMEs so I'll thank you to stop spreading 
FUD about my packages, or (B) are "dll-only" packages (see below).

Many of the other packages, which are not mine but do appear in your 
"list", ALSO actually have READMEs.  Those that do not (e.g. the rare 
instance where your "list" was correct) typically predate the 
codification on the webpage.  Consider them grandfathered.

> gettext-devel


> libgdbm-devel


> libncurses-devel


> libtiff
> libtiff-devel


> mingw-zlib


 > libbz2_1
 > libcharset1
 > libgdbm3
 > libgdbm4
 > libgettextpo0
 > libiconv2
 > libintl
 > libintl1
 > libintl2
 > libjpeg62
 > libjpeg6b
 > libncurses
 > libncurses5
 > libncurses6
 > libncurses7
 > libpng12
 > libreadline4
 > libreadline5
 > libtiff3
 > libtiff4

These are DLL packages, built from the same sources as the main package. 
  They cannot contain READMEs because the readme's would clash -- the 
whole point of the DLL packages is to allow simultaneous coexistence.  A 
DLL-only package is just that: only the DLL and nothing else.


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