new package proposal : CLISP

Lapo Luchini
Mon Sep 15 09:55:00 GMT 2003

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>what do you want - a marriage contract?
Well maybe Sam just thinks that being a mantainer means "producing a 
package 12 minutes after the upstream release, solve all and all the 
problems right now, reply to all the mail in zero time..." which being a 
mantainer is *not* IMHO, not to those extremes anyway.
(I'm not trying to correct CGF, just trying to ease Sam's fears.. fears 
that I also had, when I chose to maintain packages)

IMHO beaing *both* the creator and the mantainer greatly simplifies the 
mantainer task as is, in general, a "good" thing.
And if the problem is in the whining I guess Sam'll stop to ask for 
mantainers just ilke I stopped saying aloud my self-complaints about the 
rsync bugs I still didn't solve 0=)

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