Aspell ... (ready?)

Gareth Pearce
Mon Sep 15 12:53:00 GMT 2003

> > inspired by this hat - I ask ... is there anything stoping us doing the
> > coordinated release of the aspell and dictionary this weekend?  I was
> > sure that the last available version (which was compiled by rlc not me,
> > otherwise was perfectly normal) didnt recieve any aditional feedback.
> >
> > Gareth - the not-quite-just-yet owner of the new-but-not-spiffy aspell
> > maintainership hat.
> <lol>Your hat isn't spiffy?</lol>
> Anyways, AFAIC, Aspell is ready to roll..
> I just don't remember whether what I put on my site is still there..
> hmm..
> [checking]
> hmm.. no longer there..
> Do you still have them, Gareth, or should I make them available again?

okay - recompiled with gcc 3.3.1 (libaspell is c++ library) - and appearing
all nice and functional. (for me at least)

ready for upload?


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