package download stats?

Lapo Luchini
Thu Sep 18 16:09:00 GMT 2003

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

>>But, seriously, I just wanted to make it less than trivial to use.  It
>>shouldn't be as easy as opening
>> to register an apache download.
>Yeah, who needs simple stuff?
>Although, actually, you do need a bit more than that -- at least the
>version of the package and the mirror it was downloaded from, and it would
>also be nice if all the packages were included in one http connection,
>rather than 50 separate connections for 50 packages (the POST method comes
>to mind).
>The passthrough script above is something like what I've mentioned as
>having written already (which you so graciously snipped from your reply).
Maybe the message with somewhat a "signature" to complicate things a bit 
and avoid most of the "fake" hits.

MD5 code, that should be already into setup.exe, comes to my mind...

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