[root@sources.redhat.com: Cron <cgf@sourceware> cd /sourceware/ftp/anonftp/pub/cygwin; /sourceware/infra/bin/cygwin/upset -C -u setup.ini; /usr/local/bin/upx -q -q -q setup.exe || exit 0]

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Fri Sep 19 14:23:00 GMT 2003

On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 09:56:19AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>----- Forwarded message from Cron Daemon 
>><root=R2MHTz/CkKAf7BdofF/totBPR1lH4CV8@public.gmane.org> -----
>>From: root=R2MHTz/CkKAf7BdofF/totBPR1lH4CV8@public.gmane.org (Cron Daemon)
>>To: cgf=R2MHTz/CkKAf7BdofF/totBPR1lH4CV8@public.gmane.org
>>Subject: Cron <cgf=9JcytcrH/bAQFTY0IWPKwg@public.gmane.org> cd 
>>/sourceware/ftp/anonftp/pub/cygwin; /sourceware/infra/bin/cygwin/upset -C 
>>-u setup.ini; /usr/local/bin/upx -q -q -q setup.exe || exit 0
>>Date: 19 Sep 2003 12:50:14 -0000
>>upset: *** warning package libkpathsea3abi13 refers to non-existent 
>>external-source version: tetex-bin-2.0.2-2
>>----- End forwarded message -----
>Neat feature, cgf -- this would've prevented my ncurses-5.1 thinko a 
>while back.

I've been meaning to have this go to the cygwin-apps mailing list but it
has a tendency to send very many of these messages if a package is not
dependencied right.  I think I'll work on upset a little this weekend and
come up with some way to only send this type of message once.  I'll also
try to remove the dependency on only using external source that are listed
in prev/curr/test.


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