List of package owners

Gareth Pearce
Sun Sep 21 06:57:00 GMT 2003

> I suspect that a few packages are also unmaintained.  Is the astyle
> maintainer still around, for instance?

FWIW if the astyle maintainer didn't pipe up I was going to offer to
maintain it in their absence. However a quick investigation shows that
upstream astyle has had no development in over a year - which means no one
for me to push bugs at. (and there are bugs, heheh) - And I don't intend to
become the developer for astyle...

> There are a few packages that lack owners.  The most notable may
> be m4.  Chuck and I exchanged some private email about this last
> week.  Anyone up for maintaining m4?

Hmm despite the apparent lack of upstream development on this one - m4 is
pretty rock solid (compared to astyle at least) ... I'll have a deeper look
to see if I'm willing to offer on this one.


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