Updated Berkeley DB to 4.1.25, please upload

Gerrit P. Haase gp@familiehaase.de
Sun Sep 21 08:11:00 GMT 2003

Hallo Nicholas,

Am Sonntag, 21. September 2003 um 01:09 schriebst du:

> gp@familiehaase.de wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> I have updated the Sleepycat Berkeley DB to the latest release which
>> is 4.1.25.  To continue what was started once, please put db4.1 in its
>> own subdirectory under release/db/db4.1/.

> Thanks for doing this Gerrit.  Did you include the post-install scripts? 
> (I don't want to eat up all your bandwidth just to check).

Yes, basically it is the same content as in your 4.0.14 package, I
reworked the patch to fit and updated the used autotools and of course
commented this in the README.  There is one patch available at
sleepycat which was also included.  The postinstall script remains the
same, however I needed to fiddle a little with the buildscript because
of the new FHS layout and the fact that the executables were not
installed including the version numbers which is done now

I also removed the pre-release from my website to avoid confusion.
New location is http://anfaenger.de/cygwin-1.5/db/db4.1/


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