nasm 0.98.38-1

Dean Scarff
Sun Sep 21 10:24:00 GMT 2003

New upstream release.  Added Charles Bilyue's coff patch (or should I say 
hack - but it saved me the trouble!), and updated docs to reflect this.  
Data now in /usr/share like it should be.  Source package now has better 
management for building the extra docs.  Built with cygwin 1.5.4-1.

sdesc: "The Netwide Assembler"
ldesc: "nasm is the famous, portable Netwide Assembler for the 80x86.
Many many developers all over the net respect NASM for what it is
- a widespread (thus netwide), portable (thus netwide!), very
flexible and mature assembler tool with support for many output
formats (thus netwide!!)."
prev: 0.98.36-1
curr: 0.98.38-1
requires: cygwin
category: Devel

Please upload.

Dean Scarff
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