List of package owners

Robert McNulty Junior
Mon Sep 22 02:28:00 GMT 2003

Take it.
I only wanted to "play" with it to get it working for me any way.
I'll find something else to contribute.

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Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2003 9:11 PM
Subject: RE: List of package owners

Robert wrote:
> Sure. I'm interested.
> I already downloaded the package from CVS.

Okay - I'll not bother looking any further into things myself for now.

> Gareth wrote:
> > Hmm despite the apparent lack of upstream development on this one - m4
> is
> > pretty rock solid (compared to astyle at least) ... I'll have a deeper
> look
> > to see if I'm willing to offer on this one.

Chuck wrote:

> Well, actually Gary V. Vaughan has been working hard on m4 all summer.
> If you grab CVS
> cvs -d login anonymous
> <hit enter for password>
> cvs -d co m4
> you'll see that the whole thing has been modularized with plugins.  I
> sent Gary some patches last week and he incorporated them, but there are
> still a number of issues with building it cleanly on cygwin.

Interesting - my preliminary investigation found a version with modularised
plugins "this close to releasing 1.5" - last updated 3 years ago.

Good to hear there's some development again.


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