[ITP] trie-gen 1.1

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Tue Sep 23 22:21:00 GMT 2003


I've just managed to build trie-gen (part of libg++) for separate
packaging.  Trie-gen generates a minimum-prefix trie for a set of keywords
(essentially a trie counterpart for gperf).

NOTE: The package seems to have been discontinued, and I couldn't locate a
replacement, so I'm providing it as-is (I will fix Cygwin-specific bugs in
the port, but not upstream bugs).  Another problem with it is that it only
compiles with g++-2, but as the package contains just the executable (no
libraries), I don't see that as too critical.

I'd like to get people's opinions on whether this would be useful for
inclusion into Cygwin, even with the above caveats.

The package files can be found at the following URLs:


sdesc: "Minimal-prefix trie generator"
ldesc: "trie-gen is a program that reads a user-specified set of keywords
from standard input and generates a minimal-prefix trie.  Minimal-prefix
tries have several useful properties that make them efficient implementations
for static search sets. The table-driven trie generated by trie-gen recognizes
keywords in the search set in time proportional to the length of the shortest
unambiguous prefix for a given keyword."
category: Devel
requires: cygwin

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