ITP: graphviz (and doxygen?)

Gareth Pearce
Thu Sep 25 12:04:00 GMT 2003

Graphviz, which is the source of the 'dot' program which doxygen can use to
produce some very nice inheritance/collaboration diagrams.  It is more
generally used for the creations of diagrams, using automatic layout, of
directed and undirected graphs.

It 'just about' compiles out of the box, but it is not an application I've
used directly - 'dot' seems to work fine for doxygen though.

One thing to note is that in debian it is distributed under non-free.  So
perhaps someone might like to comment on if the license is valid for
setup.exe distribution.

For reference:

Also - I'm willing to (try to)update (and maintain there after) - doxygen
Preferably with graphviz to go with it.  This is assuming that the position
is open.  I've built 1.3.4 - and run it over a 90thousand line project -
using graphvis 1.10.0 'dot' - haven't noticed anything odd yet.  To build
doxygen I had to force it to link with the system libpng.dll.a instead of
its own static libpng.


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