ITP: graphviz and doxygen (seperately)

Gareth Pearce
Thu Sep 25 16:44:00 GMT 2003

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> Hi Gareth,
> Gareth Pearce wrote on Thursday, September 25, 2003 6:18 PM:
> > Somewhat amusing little bug - the code correctly supports
> > textmode - if the #define had of been in the file with the
> > #ifdef that dependend on it...
> >
> > It appears I have a nice working version, works on
> > text/binary mounts - 'dot' is working with both now too. (I
> > think it was being fed corrupt data
> > before)
> >
> > So shall I package it up?
> sounds great. Personally I would split it up into two separat packages
> (graphviz and doxygen), because Graphviz may be used by other packages or
> applications too and it is only optional to doxygen. Since they are used
> quite often together you may put a dependency for graphviz into the
> doxygen setup.hint file.

Well I was never intending to put them in one - separate original source
tar.gz's files - so putting them together would be crazy.

I am thinking of putting doxygen documentation in a separate package.

I don’t think a dependency is a good idea - if we had suggests - I would,
but until then I'd just leave them separate.  Might mention it in any
announcements about said packages.

Was that a vote for graphviz?


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