proposal of new packages: libmhash and libmcrypt

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Sep 27 10:13:00 GMT 2003

On Sat, Sep 27, 2003 at 11:34:13AM +0200, Stefan Hetzl wrote:
> I would like to create (and maintain) cygwin packages for libmhash 
> ( and libmcrypt 
> ( Following the instructions in the Cygwin 
> Package Contributor's Guide I post here first to ask if these two packages 
> would be accepted.
> libmhash:
> # setup.hint for libmhash-0.8.18-1
> sdesc:  "a library that provides access to several hash algorithms"
> ldesc:  "A library that provides a uniform interface to several hash 
> algorithms.
> It supports the basics for message authentication by following rfc2104 (HMAC).
> It also includes some key generation algorithms which are based on hash 
> algorithms."
> category:   Libs
> requires:   cygwin

Has my vote.

> The tarball as distributed by the author is named mhash-0.8.18 and not 
> libmhash-0.8.18. Is there any cygwin policy that the cygwin package name and 
> the original tarball need to have the same name ? If not, I think it would 
> make sense to call the cygwin package libmhash to indicate that this package 
> contains a library (only).

That's your choice.  Personally I would do that only if I have two
binary packages, say, a base package and the library package.

> libmcrypt:
> # setup.hint for libmcrypt-2.5.7-1
> sdesc:  "a library that provides access to several encryption algorithms"
> ldesc:  "A library that provides access to several symmetric block and stream 
> encryption algorithms.
> The following algorithms are implemented: 3-Way, Arcfour, Blowfish, Cast-128 
> (known as Cast5),
> Cast-256, DES, Enigma, Gost, Loki97, Panama, RC2, Rijndael-128 (AES), 
> Rijndael-192, Rijndael-256,
> Safer-sk64, Safer-sk128, Safer+, Serpent, TripleDES, Twofish, Wake, XTea. The 
> block algorithms
> can be used in the modes CBC, CFB, CTR, ECB, OFB, NOFB, NCFB."
> category:   Libs
> requires:   cygwin libltdl3

Isn't that covered by the OpenSSL crypto lib?  Do we need two crypto libs?
I'm not exactly against inclusion, just curious what the advantage is.

Do you pack them up as dynamically linked libs?


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