proposal of new packages: libmhash and libmcrypt

Gerrit P. Haase
Sat Sep 27 18:37:00 GMT 2003

Hallo Stefan,

Am Samstag, 27. September 2003 um 11:34 schriebst du:

> Hash: SHA1

> Hello!

> I would like to create (and maintain) cygwin packages for libmhash 
> ( and libmcrypt 
> ( Following the instructions in the Cygwin 
> Package Contributor's Guide I post here first to ask if these two packages 
> would be accepted.

> libmhash:

I vote pro this package.

> libmcrypt:

I vote pro this package, too.

One question:
Why the different project/package name (mhash project -> libmhash
package)? And why not release the complete MCrypt project which uses
libmcrypt instead of just the library?


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