Two new "categories" created. Comment needed

Christopher Faylor
Wed Apr 7 20:27:00 GMT 2004

Harold Hunt has just, without any discussion here, created two new
categories.  One is understandable and probably doesn't require

He's changed XFree86 to X11.  Oddly enough, XFree86 isn't currently
listed as a category in setup.html so I've added X11 to the list
of supported packages.

The other, more controversial addition is ZZZRemovedPackages.

Harold has moved older XFree86 stuff into this directory.

Does anyone have a problem with this new category?  I think it's
obvious what it is used for.  The question is does it serve a
useful purpose?  Is the name sufficiently clear?  Does it
cause any side effects that may not be immediately obvious?

If it is decided that this is a good thing then it needs to
be documented.


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