Two new "categories" created. Comment needed

Harold L Hunt II
Wed Apr 7 20:38:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Harold Hunt has just, without any discussion here, created two new
> categories.  One is understandable and probably doesn't require
> discussion.

I actually created ZZZRemovedPackages at least a month or more ago.  As 
you mention, X11 was not created, it was a rename of XFree86.

> The other, more controversial addition is ZZZRemovedPackages.
> Harold has moved older XFree86 stuff into this directory.
> Does anyone have a problem with this new category?  I think it's
> obvious what it is used for.  The question is does it serve a
> useful purpose?  Is the name sufficiently clear?  Does it
> cause any side effects that may not be immediately obvious?

I vote pro :)

> If it is decided that this is a good thing then it needs to
> be documented.

I think it is a good interim solution since I don't see anyone stepping 
up to code *anything* in setup.exe or otherwise take charge of setup.exe 
[cue offended remark from Rob Collins after his last offended remark 
almost three weeks ago with still no action as far as I can tell, sorry 
Rob, but I wish you could be more honest with yourself about how much 
time you have].  A longer term solution would be a tag in setup.hint 
files that mark a package as removed, but this is insanely more complex.

Barring a complete update to setup.exe to handle removed packages, I 
think we might want adjust the script that generates to make it ignore packages in the 
ZZZRemovedPackages category, which will remove lots of clutter from the 
pages it generates.  This is not essential however.


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