Two new "categories" created. Comment needed

Harold L Hunt II
Wed Apr 7 21:13:00 GMT 2004

Robert Collins wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 06:38, Harold L Hunt II wrote:
>>[cue offended remark from Rob Collins after his last offended remark 
>>almost three weeks ago with still no action as far as I can tell, sorry 
>>Rob, but I wish you could be more honest with yourself about how much 
>>time you have]. 
> I didn't offer to code anything up three weeks ago. If you want offended
> remarks, try this:
> "Read what I wrote and don't troll".

Here a quote from your email for you, since you seem to have forgotten 
what you wrote:

"Starting April I have a new job with (hopefully) more personal time to 
do things like setup.exe."

You didn't say anything about "sorry kids, I'll just be applying patches 
from now on, I won't be coding anymore".  You implied that you would be 
doing precisely what most people think the maintainer of setup.exe 
should be doing: coding, applying patches, and getting releases out the 

Coding is a read haring anyway, what I said in my email was "[...] I 
don't see anyone stepping up to code *anything* in setup.exe or 
otherwise take charge of setup.exe [...]", yeah, that part about taking 
charge is much more important to me than any coding.

> I offered to review patches - where are they?

Why the hell would I send you a patch when you have been sitting on a 
pile of them for six months and haven't released a thing?  You like 
suggesting to people that they perform an exercise in futility?

Since you still won't recognize that you haven't got time to work on 
setup.exe and won't release it to be maintained by someone else, I'll 
tell you exactly what I think: I want setup.exe maintainership *revoked* 
from you since I feel you are failing in your duties, one of which is to 
hand over maintainership when you no longer have time.  If there was a 
way to put this to a vote here I'd do it; unfortunately, I don't think 
we have such a voting system designated for such problems.


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