Two new "categories" created. Comment needed

Charles Wilson
Thu Apr 8 06:13:00 GMT 2004

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Harold Hunt has just, without any discussion here, created two new
> categories.  One is understandable and probably doesn't require
> discussion.
> He's changed XFree86 to X11.  Oddly enough, XFree86 isn't currently
> listed as a category in setup.html so I've added X11 to the list
> of supported packages.

Yup, sounds good.

> The other, more controversial addition is ZZZRemovedPackages.

Actually, it appears to have been around for a while -- I first saw it a 
a month ago or more.  But I think it's a good idea; its purpose seems 

(I may be chiming in late here, as I wend my way down the thread...)


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