Subversion-1.0.1-1 test package ready

Max Bowsher
Sun Apr 11 19:05:00 GMT 2004

Dave Slusher wrote:
> It's been a while since my original proposal (last October) but I have a
> version of the subversion-1.0.1-1 package ready for review. Note that it
> taken long enough that the current version has advanced significantly from
> proposal.
> This is my first shot at this and I found it much trickier to do than I
> have thought. All feedback appreciated.

My internet connection is insufficient to download your packages until my
ADSL is enabled (soon, yay!).

However, a couple of things I noticed from the patch you sent to the
subversion dev list:

Subversion is not a dropin replacement for cvs. More of an evolutionary
replacement, really.

The list of installed files in the README is somewhat incomplete.

It is unusual to place the cygwin build script within the package source
tree itself.


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