Uploaded: [test] patchutils-0.2.30pre1-1

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Tue Apr 27 18:42:00 GMT 2004

Volker Quetschke wrote:
> Hi Max,
>> I've uploaded patchutils-0.2.29-1 (marked test, as it is my first
>> package).
> Errm, can you please consider patchutils-0.2.30pre1.tar.bz2? The
> difference to .29 is a fix that
> * src/filterdiff.c (do_unified): Handle no-newline line counts
> correctly.
> I tripped over and Tim kindly fixed. This and some configure changes
> are all changes compared to .29.
> I use .30pre1 on cygwin and found no problem so far.

OK, sure, since its only a bugfix change from the last stable version, I see
no reason not to adopt it.

New packages uploaded.


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